Wednesday, 22 August 2012


When I wrote ''No Dead Body In Sight" I wanted to do two things....
One. I wanted to write a Noah Milano short story again after the two novelettes I'd written that year.

Two. I wanted it to be a bit ''high concept'' thriller married to a PI story and see how using a high concept would affect sales.

What do I mean with high concept thriller? Well, there are a number of examples in the movie world... Speed, Jurrassic Park, and one that embodies high concept more than any other movie Snakes On A Plane. Why Snakes On A Plane? Well, a high-concept thriller should interest you from the get-go, just by the description. So, for Jurrassic Park: ''what if we could clone dinosaurs". Snakes On A Plane has the high concept described in the title!

In books the high concept thriller is about the same but often a book with a high concept theme is one that contains a radical or somewhat outlandish premise. For "No Dead Body In Sight'' the high-concept is this: An aging movie star is sure she discovered a dead body on the beach. When the police arrives there's no deady body in sight.

The following makes it a PI story: She hires Noah Milano, son of a mobster and security specialist to prove she's not crazy. Trying to uncover this mystery Noah soon finds himself in grave danger...

Interested by the concept? Don't hesitate... It will only cost you 99 cents to read...


  1. Sounds cool, Jochem. How long is the story?

  2. It's got 4400 words, about half of my novelettes.

  3. Got it, Jochem, and thanks for tipping us off.